SMaRC – Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre

SMaRC – Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre – is a national cross-disciplinary industrial research centre for maritime robotics. The main task is to perform research on, and demonstrate, solutions that can contribute to the transition to autonomous intelligent underwater systems.

The centre will focus on four research disciplines – autonomy, endurance, perception and communication – with the aim to develop next-generation maritime robotics for ocean production, safeguarding society and environmental sensing.

The future maritime robots will change the underwater domain the same way that satellites did for space exploration.

The research project is funded by The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the participating partners. The project runs from Mars 2017 to December 2024.


20 August, 2019 in News

Testing autonomous sea rescue systems in practice

Ivan Stenius, Principal Investigator of SMaRC, visited Gränsö Manor on May 16 for the preparations of the autumn’s demonstration in WARA PS, the WASP arena for public safety. WASP is…
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4 April, 2019 in News

Visit by Helen Ågren, Sweden’s Ambassador for the Ocean

Helen Ågren, Sweden's Ambassador for the Ocean at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited SMaRC on April 2, 2019. The Ambassador was given a review of ongoing projects by the…
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2 April, 2019 in News

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4 March, 2019 in News

Underwater robot investigates Antarctica

For the first time, a robot has been under one of Antarctica's most unstable glaciers. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg, partners of SMaRC, have investigated the Thwaites glacier in…
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