The aim of this project is to develop methodologies and strategies for different types of networking of underwater vehicles, sensors and/or other pods. The underlying need and challenge is that of intermittent exchange of information between nodes that are typically limited in terms of energy capacity.

The need for information exchange may concern navigation, command telemetry and/or sensor data.  Applications may vary from localized networks for relatively high bandwidth data links to remote and sparsely located nodes in deep and/or remote ocean environments. The deployment strategy of nodes and sensors will be addressed with a focus on data transmission.

The project will address small sensor nodes networking with the Maritime Underwater Robots (MURs) for data transfer, small navigational (beacon) nodes networking with MURs, relaying techniques and underwater dynamic networking and system for deployment of network nodes/sensor carriers.


Peter Sigray, Professor, Research Director FOI – Project leader

Elias Strandell – PhD student


SMaRC team members in the lab working with a robot.