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SMaRC Demonstration period 2021

SMaRC has arranged its yearly demonstration period at Kristineberg. During the event, project progress was demonstrated. Below you can see highlights as well as seminars. You can also learn more about what tests were conducted on LoLo – one of the SMaRC AUVs.

Film Kristineberg 2021


Listen to presentations by Ariel, Anna, Adela and Nils.

Ariel Chiche
Performance of hybrid energy storage systems

Anna Wåhlin
Results from under ice tests with RAN

Nils Bore and colleagues
The SMaRC simulator

Adela Dumitrascu
In situ Raman spectroscopy – recent results

Maritime robot LoLo enables practical testing of multiple research projects

LoLo is a research-tool tailored for researchers within the underwater community. LoLo (Long-range and Long-endurance demonstrator) aims to help researchers further the development in autonomy, endurance, perception and communication. Sebastian Thuné is one of the research engineers that work on LoLo.

The biggest strength with AUVs is that they can “work” continuously and create a long-term presence together with the ability to visit remote areas without risking human life. LoLo could therefore help with safeguarding society by looking /listening for threats along the Swedish coast. She could also be used to gather dense data for long periods to support climate research. With the right sensors, she could potentially search for pollutants and track down their origin.  

 At Kristineberg we are for the first time focusing on the researchers and their technologies. Our goal for these tests is to take the first steps to get researchers involved with LoLo and to take what they have been working with theoretically and testing it in practice, Sebastian explains. 

At Kristineberg demonstration days the plan is to conduct several tests and demonstrations:

Bathymetry navigation
With the help of our multibeam sonar detect a known location and with that update our dead reckoning with a higher accuracy position.

Underwater network
LoLo will be carrying an underwater acoustic transceiver that will work as a dynamic node in the underwater network that is being set up at Kristineberg.

Propulsion methods
With the help of our variable buoyancy system, a gliding method propulsion will be performed to further investigate different propulsion methods and their benefits.

Object/feature detection
Detect objects/features on the seafloor together with their location using the bathymetry data from the multi beam echo sonar.

Underwater hibernation
Being able to land the vehicle on the seafloor and limit the power of the vehicle to a minimum until the vehicle is called upon.