Publications from SMaRC


Conference papers

  • “Automated Underwater Pipeline Damage Detection using Neural Nets”, Jiajun Shi, Wenjie Yin, Yipai Du, John Folkesson, Conference paper, August 21, 2019
  • “Non-Coherent Acoustic Modulation for Energy Constrained Underwater Platforms”, Viktor Lidström, Elias S. Erstorp, Magnus L. Nordenvaad, Peter Sigray, Jakob Kuttenkeuler, Conference proceedings, 2019
  • Object Recognition in Forward Looking Sonar Images using Transfer Learning“, Louise Rixon Fuchs, Andreas Gällström, John Folkesson, Conference paper, May 7, 2019
  • “Towards a Cyber-Physical System for Hydrobatic AUVs”, Bhat S., Stenius I., Bore N., Severholt J., Ljung C., Balmori I.T., Conference proceedings, 2019
  • “Towards Autonomous Industrial-Scale Bathymetric Surveying”, Ignacio Torroba, Nils Bore, John Folkesson, Conference paper, 2019
  • “Deep Learning Based Technique for Enhanced Sonar Imaging”, Rixon Fuchs L, Gällström A, Conference paper, 2019
  • “Enhanced Sonar Image Resolution using Compressive Sensing Modelling”, Gällström A, Rixon Fuchs L, Larsson C, Conference paper, 2019
  • “Design of an AUV Research Platform for Demonstration of Novel Technologies”, ​​2018 IEEE/OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Workshop (AUV)
  • ”Hydrobatics: A review of trends, challenges and opportunities for efficient and agile underactuated AUVs”, S. Bhat, I. Stenius, IEEE AUV 2018, Porto, Portugal, November, 2018

Master theses