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Christopher Iliffe Sprague: Understanding How Robots Make Decisions – Behavior Trees Explained

By November 6, 2023News

Understanding How Robots Make Decisions: Behavior Trees Explained

Have you ever thought about the multitude of small steps it takes to brew a simple cup of coffee? Now, imagine the disappointment if you were to pour the coffee before turning on the coffee machine. And that’s just coffee – consider the complexity of orchestrating an underwater robot to carry out a specific mission. What if the robot tackled its tasks in the wrong order? In the realm of robotics, Behavior Trees play a vital role, allowing robots to methodically complete various subtasks, all geared towards accomplishing a primary objective. Christopher Iliffe Sprague delved into this fascinating topic in his thesis, titled “Efficient and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Critical Robotic Systems.” Curious to learn more? Watch the video: