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Dec 13-19: Week 1 of 2 in Puerto Natales

By December 22, 2021Antarctica

Li Ling – Dec 13-19th:

Week 1 of 2 in Puerto Natales. Quarantining here isn’t too bad at all! We’ve got a big field to walk in and three 1h  sessions of outdoor time each day! The view is absolutely amazing and it’s super nice to actually be able to be in the nature again! The environment reminds me a bit of northern Sweden, it’s quite warm under the sun, but as soon as the sun retreats, the temperature can drop quickly. Oh yes, and it’s summer in the southern hemisphere right now, so the sun rises ~5.30 and sets at ~22.00 🌞 One last thing is the wind! It can be REALLY windy in Natales! Sometimes you literally feel like you’re going to be gone with the wind 🌬️🍃.

A picture from Puerto Natales. It’s delightful to wake up each morning and see how the different weathers make the view look different every day

Xiaomoomoo sunbathing in yet another continent!