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Dec 4-11 (SFO time): Quarantining in San Fransisco.

By December 22, 2021Antarctica

Li Ling – Dec 4-11th:

This week was quarantining in San Fransisco. To be precise, we quarantined in a hotel at the airport. So… We actually never left the airport during this week 😂 We had three meals brought to the front of our doors, and had ~1.5h of outdoor time each day where we were allowed to walk around the hotel. The walking trail wasn’t great, but I guess one shall be glad to have any outdoor time at all during quarantine… I counted, speed walking around the hotel for 6 laps took around 30min 😂

Luckily the weather was quite nice, mostly sunny ☀️ and the Internet connection was really good! So we were able to join the multiple USAP zoom training sessions spread out during the week… We had our first PCR-test on the 8th December, and luckily everyone for the Thwaites project tested negative 🎊!

The hotel that we quarantined at in SFO airport

Xiaomoomoo sunbathing in a new continent!

So… I ordered “fruit snacks” from the hotel’s snack menu thinking it was fresh fruits… I’d be lying if I said what I received didn’t give me a real cultural shock 😱…