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Dec 4th: So the journey began!

By December 22, 2021Antarctica

Li Ling – Dec 4th:

So the journey began! All non-US participants to the NB Palmer cruise flew today from different places in Europe to San Fransisco to begin our almost one month long quarantine before boarding the ship 🛳️ (The US participants joined us the 7th December).

I was heading off from Stockholm that had recently started snowing ❄️, super happy to be able to see snow before leaving home! The flight from Stockholm to San Fransisco was be a long one (~16h including transit time in London, which makes end-to-end journey time around… around 22h 😂). And the flight left from Arlanda airport at 07.50am! SUPER! EARLY!

So this was me trying to catch the bus to Arlanda at 03.50am…












The bear in the following picture is Xiaomoomoo, he’s been with me to every single long adventure since 2016



















The most complete view I had on a part of San Fransisco during the following one week…