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Feb 12: Seal tagging at Bear Peninsula

By February 12, 2022February 15th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Feb 12:

Yesterday and today we’ve been doing some seal tagging around Bear Peninsula. This time, some of the Weddell Seals seem to have finished moulting. The sea state was however quite rough and the wind was really strong. So the seal tagging team managed to tag 2 seals yesterday, and only 1 today.

Emperor penguins are apparently really curious creatures! Here is a picture of them checking the permits of the seal tagging team


Seal tagging in action (From left to right: Lars, Tiago and Gui trying to catch the seal with a headbag)


Lars darting the seal with tranquilizer (From left to right: Gui, Lars and Tiago)

We have about 10 days of science left for the cruise. For now, we’re moving west towards Getz B and Getz A Ice Shelf for some observational studies and RAN deployments, but we’ll be back at Dotson and Bear Peninsula for some more measurements and seal tagging in about a week.

Please note that the seal tagging operations are conducted under a FCDO permit no. 17-2021-22.