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Feb 14: Getz B ice shelf!

By February 14, 2022February 15th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Feb 14:

We’re finally moving from the Dotson Ice Shelf! Yesterday we took a 13h transit west, towards the Getz B Ice Shelf. The weather was beautiful during the transit, and the MPC (marine project coordinator) Anna arranged a trivia quiz! It was a lot of fun 😃

Once arrived at Getz B, we did CTD sections, VMPs and coring while at the same time try to fill in some holes in the ship’s multibeam data on the bathymetry. We’ll only stay in Getz B for a couple of days, so we’re trying to get as much data as possible.

Sunset from February 13 with some really beautiful clouds


Getz B seems to have quite a few icebergs being stuck in front of it


Oh and happy valentine! Aerial, Jay, Lemont and Ralph (the four AB cooks onboard the ship) were very nice and made a valentine cake today!