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Feb 19-20: Surveying at Getz B Ice Shelf

By February 20, 2022February 25th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Feb 19-20:

The past two days we’re back to Getz B Ice Shelf for some detailed surveying. What counts as detailed surveying? Well… In this case, 6 kasten cores + a megacore + one 9h RAN survey + CTD and TMC and VMP!!!
Everything within 48h! This must have been the most intensive coring session that we had during the entire cruise! With only 4 science days left, we are really starting to squeeze out every minutes.

Doing these many kasten cores back-to-back is quite unusual, and many people helped out with the intensive coring. To speed up the process, and make sure no steps were missed, the THOR team made a checklist for the measurements to take for each and every kasten core.

Lisa and Julia measuring the temperature of the kasten core


Patricia and Giovanna taking water samples from the megacore for analysis of dissolved organic matters

On something completely different: The sun is now actually setting and rising in the far south! Everything becomes pink during sunrise and sunset. The view is quite stunning!

Sunset at Getz B Ice Shelf on the 19th February