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Feb 2: Successful RAN mission with 12 filled water samples!

By February 2, 2022February 12th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Feb 2:

The glider team tried to deploy a glider during the night, but unfortunately that did not work out, as the glider did not managed to call in to the base station, and we had to move on for RAN recovery.

Gareth and Philip by the computer, checking the status of the glider communication

The recovery for RAN today was slightly more eventful than usual. After being  ~20min late, RAN surfaced ~4 km to the north of where she was supposed to be. The current seemed to be going northwards, so… We ended up having to “chase” her for around half an hour for recovery.

A screenshot from HuginOS showing RAN’s updated drifting positions (in red) and the ship “chasing” after her (light blue shape with a purple arrow showing the heading)

Luckily, other than being in the wrong place and trying to run away, RAN appeared to be completely fine and she came back with some under ice multibeam data and 12 bottles of water samples from under the Dotson Ice Shelf!

Waiting for the ship to get into recovery position for RAN (From left to right: Laura, Matt (MT), Paul (MT), Anders and Mark)


A happy Laura with 12 full water samplers from RAN (with a happy Sharon in the background)