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Jan 01: New Year’s pesent – RAN is HERE!!!

By January 10, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Jan 01:

The firework last night was a bit of a bummer, but! 2022 appeared to start with an amazing page!!! New Year’s present for the Swedish team:
RAN is HERE!!!!!! The 40 foot container with RAN in traveled on a truck from Santiago through Argentina and appeared miraculously at the terminal this morning!

Can you find the blue container?

The onboarding for RAN was quite a spectacle. Here are a few of the scientists watching the lifting:

(The four people that I can identify, from left to right: Rob Hall Co-PI for TARSAN, Phillip – TARSAN researcher for seagliders, Daisy – TARSAN PhD student for seagliders and pH sensors, Lars – Co-PI for TARSAN leading seal tagging)