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Jan 02: NBP is status green!

By January 11, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Jan 02:

The PCR tests that we took last year on New Year’s Eve turned out all negative. And since we’ve been onboard for 7 days, today the COVID status of the ship is now green. This means that, after almost one entire month of quarantine and COVID precautions, we can now finally interact indoors normally! Seeing everyone without their masks indoor felt so strange 😂

Here’s a photo of rainbow from yesterday. The weather is giving us a no-mask celebration!

Rainbow with some happy people! (There is no life vests requirements yet since the ship is tied at the dock) From left to right: Phillip (TARSAN-seaglider), Laura (TARSAN – noble gases) and Daisy (TARSAN – seaglider and pH sensors) !

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