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Jan 13: Transiting in sea ice

By January 21, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Jan 13:

Both Friday and Saturday are transit days. We’ve now entered into quite a bit of sea ice, and the sea is so much calmer than when we were out in the open ocean one week ago! We’re now heading towards the Dotson Ice Shelf to the west of Thwaites due to the sea ice conditions. With the current schedule, we’ll enter the Admunsen Sea Polynya Sunday 15th Jaunary.
Hopefully Sunday will be a full day of science, with 2 glider deployments, 2 CTD casts, a RAN test mission and a ALR test mission! So everyone involved (most of TARSAN) are busy preparing the hardware and software for these missions. As we transit through more and more sea ice, snow petrels and seals are starting to pop up! Here are some scenery and wildlife photos from the past two days.

A crabeater seal on sea ice: