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Jan 24: A friend!!!

By January 24, 2022February 6th, 2022Antarctica

Today right after lunch we saw a friend!!! Araon, the South Korean ice breaker research vessel appeared to the starboard side of us, super close to the Dotson Ice Shelf! I’d say it’s not so often that you find a friend in appear in Antarctica!

On a side note, RAN came back successfully from her under ice mission!!! We were planning on sending her out again, but the weather forecast looked a bit rough tomorrow, so the deployment is being delayed until the forecast becomes better. In the meanwhile, Mark and Anders are trying to get the upward looking multibeam to work (so that we can get some under-ice “bathymetry”!!!), Anna is working on oceanography data collected from the previous missions and I’ve been looking a bit at the downward looking multibeam data.