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Jan 30: First RAN mission with upward looking multibeam and water samplers!

By January 30, 2022February 6th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Jan 30:

We deployed RAN yesterday for yet another challenging mission! This time the mission took place under the western part of the Dotson Ice Shelf. Compared to previous missions, this mission is special in two ways:
1. Instead of using the downward looking multibeam, Anders and Mark switched to the upward looking multibeam, so that we can get data on the shape of the ice shelf from below!!!
2. 12 water samplers are mounted on RAN to collect water samples from under the ice shelf! Janell from ARTEMIS working with trace metals and Laura from TARSAN working with noble gases have been acid cleaning the bottles to avoid contamination.

Here is a picture from the deployment yesterday, the bottles with dark blue caps are the water samplers

Anna was super nervous for this particular mission, since we’re “trying to crash RAN into the ice shelf” to test an emergency mechanism 😱
I guess we’ll know how it goes tomorrow 😂