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Mar 4: King George Island!

By March 4, 2022March 14th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Mar 4:

A slight change in our course: instead of stopping at Palmer station for some deck operations and moving the hazard wastes off the ship, we ended up sailing to King George Island. We will be doing some deck operations here, and wait for LMG, another USAP ship that will be here tomorrow, to pick up the hazard wastes for us.

Going to King George Island has been a beautiful ride! We past by quite a few islands, and there many gray-headed albatrosses!

A closed-up picture of a gray-headed albatross that was eager of a portrait 🙂


Three penguins on an iceberg in front of Deception Island. You will have to trust me on this: the left penguin is a Gentoo penguin, and the right two are Chinstrap penguins!