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Mar 5: Maxwell Bay, LMG and we are off for Chile!!!

By March 5, 2022March 14th, 2022Antarctica

Li Ling – Mar 5:

When we arrived at Maxwell Bay by King George Island yesterday, the weather was still quite calm. The sky was clear and the scenery was clearly visible.

When we got up this morning, the view has completely changed! The continuous snow since last night made the cottages hardly visible!

The exact same cottages as above today

Oh, and we realized today that we were actually parking right next to a HUGE Gentoo penguin colony!!!

A fraction of the Gentoo Penguins on the island


In the afternoon, LMG arrived for hazard waste transfer. The yellow-and-red ship is the LMG, and the small black dot to the left of LMG is the zodiac for hazard waste transfer!

The transfer operation took around two hours. And when the operation is complete, it is time for us to leave Antarctica for real and head off for Chile!!!

The departure view with the bright front light from the LMG and Maxwell Bay in the background, hardly visible in heavy snow

Well then, Antarctica, good bye!