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SMaRC in research collaboration with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

By December 17, 2022News

SMaRC in research collaboration with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Moss Landing, California is a non-profit research institute founded by David Packard that focuses on marine science and technology. It´s a place where researchers perform groundbreaking work in marine robotics, marine biology, and oceanography. Right now, Sriharsha Bhat, a SMaRC researcher, is spending a month in California, starting up an active collaboration with the Compas lab. The research collaboration aims to develop new models and control strategies for low-cost, agile, and scalable underwater robots. 

The purpose of the collaboration is to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and set up a foundation for long-term collaboration in the future. At SMaRC, there is an ongoing development of innovative new methods that can increase the autonomy of underwater robots. MBARI performs extensive field deployments and can be an end-user for many of the algorithms and technologies developed. 

This might only be the beginning of the collaboration. Sriharsha Bhat sees many opportunities, where joint projects could be fruitful for both parties: “We can learn from their experience in developing several novel measurement instruments and exchange ideas on best practices. Some interesting projects where we can work together include: agile and scalable robot platforms, underwater docking and persistent presence, targeted DNA sampling using AUVs, lagrangian observation of marine life using cameras, and panoramic feature maps of the seafloor.”

What will you bring home?
Sunshine and inspiration! And plans for a joint paper on controlling and modeling agile AUVs.

..And do you like it?
I love the open and collaborative atmosphere at MBARI, and the energy here is infectious! I am eager to continue the collaboration and build something amazing. I’m also actively counting the whales and dolphins that I can see out of the windows of MBARI – the count is 4 whales and 10 dolphins so far!