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SMaRC presenting at MATLAB Day for Marine Robotics & Autonomous Systems

By October 24, 2022News

SMaRC presenting at MATLAB Day for Marine Robotics & Autonomous Systems

MATLAB Day for Marine Robotics & Autonomous Systems is a forum for researchers, industry practitioners, educators, and students to showcase and discuss their research and innovations in the areas of autonomous surface and underwater vessels.

One of the Mathworks seminars was held by Sriharsha Bhat and Ivan Stenius. The subject concerned was Real-Time Simulation and Control of Hydrobatic AUVs. Below, you find the abstract of the talk.

Have a look at it here.
The other seminars from MATLAB day are found here.

Abstract: The term “hydrobatics” refers to the agile maneuvering of underwater vehicles. Hydrobatic capabilities can enable exciting new use cases for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in aquacultures, inspections, under-ice sensing, docking, and manipulation. These ideas are being explored at KTH within the Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre (SMaRC). Modeling the flight dynamics of such AUVs at high angles of attack is a key challenge—we use Simulink® to perform real-time simulations of hydrobatic maneuvers. Furthermore, these robots are underactuated systems, making it more difficult to obtain elegant control strategies—we can use nonlinear model predictive control in Model Predictive Control Toolbox™ to generate optimal controls. Finally, the controllers and simulation models developed can be tightly linked to SMaRC’s AUVs and simulation environments through ROS.