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WARA-PS and SMaRC collaboration

By October 25, 2021News

Joint projects favor technical solutions
-WARA-PS and SMaRC collaboration

SMaRC and WARA PS have worked together since 2018. It is a collaboration that offers great opportunities to develop together, much due to that they are facing similar or the same problems, but in different domains. WARA-PS is focused on the surface, air and cloud whereas SMaRC is specialists on the underwater.  One of the largest advantages of working together is the possibility to connect the domains WARA-PS focuses on with the underwater domain – what SMaRC does best.

The collaboration started out on a theoretical level and is now focusing on testing real products in the actual environments. One ongoing project is developing the connection between the autonomous surface vehicle Piraya and AUV LoLo. Sebastian Thuné tells us more:

“Connecting the two robots has many advantages. First, AUV LoLo enables monitoring of the underwater domain. WARA-PS are specialists on surface and air but have less technology that reaches below the surface. By connecting it to the SMaRC AUV LoLo they are able to expand the monitoring area, which can be useful, for example by detecting underwater threats.

Another advantage of connecting the two robots is that you can send signals much longer and much faster. When you work underwater acoustic communication is used, something that is challenging. You cannot send the signals as far as on land and it takes a longer time than sending them by air via the network. By connecting LoLo to the surface vehicle Piraya we can use the network.”